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372 pages

Hummer, When the bees of Lambas face a cruel tyrant, they will need all their courage to survive1

Creator: Terry Parkins | Juvenile Fiction - 2015-07-03

That is our custom. Hummer can be trusted with anything and he will help you choose your Council, but it is best to defer that important task until your Consort is determined.” “I know my Consort will be strong, brave and wise and I am eager to  ...

Publisher: Memoirs Publishing

About this book
The ageing bee Hummer has had to relinquish his post as commander of the Hive Defence Garrison through injury, but his heart and his courage are as strong as ever. Now the peace and security of the bees of Lambas is threatened by the terrifying and ambitious drone Redmore, their tyrannical new Honey Controller, and his impossible demands for ever more food supplies. It will take all Hummer’s courage and wisdom to lead their defence with his brave young allies Brendan, Laser and Casper, as well as an unlikely alliance with an aggressive tribe of giant ants. An enthralling story of conflict and loyalty, war and peace in the world of bees. 

222 pages

The Hummer and the Mini, Navigating the Contradictions of the New Trend Landscape

Creator: Robyn Waters | Business & Economics - 2006

In less than a year, however, 40 percent of all chino and jean sales on the company's Web site was custom orders. Many other retailers have followed suit. At their New York flagship store, Brooks Brothers utilizes a $75,000 body scanner that ...

Publisher: Penguin

About this book
From the former trendmaster of Target how the power of contradictory trends can help reframe your business strategy Contradictions are everywhere! These days we wear Old Navy with new Gucci, Hanes T-shirts with Armani suits, couture Chanel with vintage denim. Suburban mansions are filled with flea market finds, and we show off our Michael Graves teakettle from Target on Viking stoves in our gourmet kitchens that might even include cabinets purchased from IKEA. When Robyn Waters began her career in the late 1970s, a trend was defined as something that everyone wanted at the same time. Fashion and business magazines proclaimed what was in and what was out. Back then, it was fairly easy for companies to determine the next big trend, and ride it all the way to the bank. In today s marketplace the next big thing has been replaced by a thousand next big things. And in order to discover what consumers are hungry for companies need to discover what s important to them. Today a cookie cutter approach no longer works. Waters explains that for every trend there s an equally valid countertrend. In The Hummer and the Mini, Waters explores the new trend landscape and urges companies to stop looking for the one right answer in their industry. There are many good ways to design products, develop a line of goods, merchandise a store, or craft a marketing message. You can thrive by selling huge cars (the Hummer) or tiny ones (the Mini). You can turn something old into something new and desirable (the Vespa) or turn a commodity into a luxury (In-and-Out Burgers at the Oscars). You can even customize a product designed for the masses (personalized postage stamps) or sell less as more (Minute Clinics). Through lively tales of influential trends and countertrends, The Hummer and the Mini will show you how to live with the contradictions, make the most of the inconsistencies, and embrace the paradoxes of business as a source of fresh ideas. BACKCOVER: Praise for Robyn Waters and The Hummer and the Mini This is a must read for marketers and innovators who want to find new opportunities amidst the conflicting signals of the marketplace. Anyone interested in growing their business will find this book to be a helpful guide, full of insights to think about trends in a new way. Donna Sturgess, Vice President of Innovation, GlaxoSmithKline Hugely entertaining and important. This book explains 21st century consumer culture in all its bewildering richness. Roger Tredre, Editor in Chief, Worth Global Style Network Limited Reading Robyn is like putting on glasses that let you see what was invisible. Steve Leveen, CEO and Co-founder, Levenger Robyn Waters presents trends in a delightfully engaging way. Unlike trend prophets who spout confusing predictions, Robyn demystifies trends and makes them approachable. Robyn is a muse who inspires all of us to be open to the future by looking deeply at the present. Bob Thacker, senior vice president of marketing and advertising, OfficeMax, Inc. This book will change how we approach many aspects of marketing. Robyn Waters undermines the marketer's historic framing of choices as a or b in a world where people decide a and b. Rishad Tobaccowala, Chief Executive Officer, denuo (a Publicis Groupe Company) Robyn knows the future, she doesn't guess it. Her savvy, culture, and wisdom make her a living legend for telling us what comes next. George Beylerian, Founder and CEO, Material ConneXion

Hummer H2

Creator: John Lamm |

A custom sound system will be pre-wired for a host of plug-in accessories ranging from a DVD player to an electronic game console. Beyond customization of the HI and H2, as well as adding the SUT and other variants to the H2 model lineup, ...

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