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Creator: Michael Green |

392 pages


Creator: John Martin | Fiction - 2010-01

He was just behind Grant at the side of the Hummer when Grant looked over his shoulder and cocked his head. Sharp mouthed the words “I saw ... “Get the camera from Carson and take as many pictures as you can. Don't make any ... felt a hand on his arm. It was Kosavich, leading him off to a sheltered spot by the fire truck.

Publisher: iUniverse

About this book
After the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia left stockpiles of chemical weapons scattered across its former empire in Eastern Europe. Now, awash in petro dollars, and with the United States' attention diverted to other trouble spots, the Kremlin is ready to regain its past glory and recover those weapons. A forgotten base, isolated in Moldova, seems to be the perfect place to use as a transfer point. The 289th Engineers, needing to rest, rebuild and recover their strength, get assigned to the same area, as a NATO mission, to build a road for the Moldovans. The Russians want the road too, but for their own purposes. It should have been the perfect arrangement for everyone, but an old enemy of the 289th from Darfur wants to rebuild his reputation, and exact some revenge at the same time. And now he's working for the Russians. Chechen rebels have also learned the Russian secret. They want the chemical stockpile to use against the Russians. It seems Sergeant Major Grant has found himself another little war.

566 pages

Formula for Terror

Creator: Roger S. Williams | Fiction - 2012-03-01

In the distance the siren of a fire engine wailed. Jan smiled ... Another man ran back into the fire, screaming something about the money. He won't be ... “I have the pictures and the memory card in the car, but Garcia doesn't know it.” “That son  ...


About this book
A young rookie lady police officer wants to see action. Well, she gets more than she asked for when a serial murder is at large and mutilated bodies of women are discovered. The FBI gets involved and the story moves from a small to town to San Francisco and to the stormy ocean's thunderous waves brought on by grueling storms. Boats and cars and police are not enough to keep up with murder, torture and rape. Money is one thing that is wanted but it doesn't satisfy the hunger of a psychotic killer whose friends like murder as well. Who will live and who will die is the question that is answered only as you read through till the end. This thriller will have you spell bound.

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    Toy (Chipim)

    Truck has a handle on the top so kids can easily carry it with the cars inside
    Turbo Hauler, Long Car Transport Truck, Contains 6 Metal Cars, Construction Signs and Cones.
    Size of truck: 20-length x 6-height x 3.5-width inches
    Detachable Rotating Cab, Easily Turn, Maneuver, Realistic Details
    Perfect idea to store your Hot Wheels & Matchbox size cars, Compartments hold 28 cars with its Snap-close lids

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    Zone Tech 2-Pack Car Emergency Life Hammer - Dual Steel Hammer Heads that Easily Smash Car Windows Razor-Sharp Seat Belt Cutter Slices Through Seat Belts Quickly & Safely

    Automotive Parts and Accessories (Zone Tech)
    List Price: $9.75

    ► SURVIVAL TOOL - The Zone Tech car hammer is your ultimate car survival tool for quick escape. This Zone Tech Tool is a must for your car. The Zone Tech hammer has the power to get you out of trouble when you need it most.
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    ► MOUNTING BRACKET - The Zone Tech car hammer has a mounting bracket to hold the hammer. Install the car hammer where passengers can easily reach it so that it will be readily accessible in the event of an emergency. It can be screwed, glued or strapped into place.

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    Automotive Parts and Accessories (Spec-D Tuning)
    List Price: $34.95

    Features 1 pair of Clear lens Tail Gate Lights
    30 Day Money Back Guarantee & 90 Days Limited Warranty
    Made by OEM approved & ISO certified manufacturers in materials that meet or exceed strict OEM requirements
    Equipped with innovative LED lights