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240 pages

Hope's Beat, The Story of a Teenager, Her Stepmother, and a Rock Star

Creator: Marguerite Kloepfer | Family & Relationships - 2004-04

Hummer Saturday, July 10, dawned bright and clear — the day Hummer knew would be the second most terrible day in her life, ... It had been six weeks since she had come home from school and found the paramedics' fire truck parked in the ...

Publisher: Stephens Pr Llc

About this book
The paramedics, one at each end, rolled the gurney out the door. Hummer followed, standing in the street as the men opened the back of the ambulance and slid the gurney inside. They banged the door closed, cutting off Hummer's view of her Nana forever. Hummer was alone. Fifteen year-old Hummer Manning was too numbed by her grandmother's death to understand that even greater problems lay ahead. Would her father take custody of her? Would the woman he was about to marry accept her? Where would she live and go to school? Only the beat of her favorite music could penetrate her grief.

214 pages

The Muse in the Machine, Essays on Poetry And the Anatomy of the Body Politic

Creator: T. R. Hummer | 2006-04-25

... sheet- tin galvanized rooftops, pickup trucks and beer cans, silos and hay barns and outhouses, fire ants and cottonmouths, ... or that its shape is the image of a wholeness, like the image reflected by a fragment of a mirror, ...

About this book
Music, race, politics, and conscience. In these eight essays written over the span of a decade and a half, T. R. Hummer explains how, for him, such abiding concerns revolve around the practice of poetry and the evolution of a culturally responsible personal poetics. Hummer writes about the suicide of poet Vachel Lindsay, the culture wars at the National Endowment for the Arts, the 1991 Persian Gulf War, the divided soul of his native American South, and the salving, transcendent practice of musicianship. Inevitably entwined with a personal or cultural component, Hummer's criticism is thus grounded in experience that is always familiar and often straight to the heart in its rightness. In one of those statements of "poetic purpose" that goes hand in hand with a residency, guest editorship, or lecture tour, Hummer once wrote that "poetry inhabits and enunciates an incommensurable zone between individual and collective, between body and body politic, an area very ill-negotiated by most of us most of the time. Our culture, with its emphasis on the individual mind and body, teaches us very little about how even to think about the nature of this problem. . . . E pluribus unum is a smokescreen: what pluribus; what unum? And yet this phrase is an American mantra, as if it explained something." This is a quintessential Hummer moment: a writer has just given himself a good reason to quit. What Hummer knows must happen next is what The Muse in the Machineis all about.

272 pages


Creator: Marcia Davey | 2008-07-11

Juice shows up with a small group, but it is Pete who circles Boston in a stretch Hummer (reserved for another ... They record the fire trucks screaming around the corner. And right there in the middle of it all is Matt with his tweedy ...

Publisher: Xlibris Corp

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This Toyota rear ended my Hummer. The Hummer had absolutely no damage except for a bent license plate ( the plate was already bent from off-roading, the Toyota ...

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Chance in a lifetime find. 2006 hummer h1 alpha. The last alpha sold by Am General. This alpha was the personal vehicle of one of the executives at Am General called ...

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    0 4/5 Tarditi - See all my reviews This review is from: Hummer: The Next Generation (Enthusiast Color) (Paperback) This book offers a good amount of information on the world's most serious 4x4. The history is informative, and there is a fair amount of action shots.I wish that the author/publisher would release a new edition that is a little more timely and up-to-date.This book is very good for the casual enthusiast, and a must-have for the collector, but lacks some hi-res detail of specifications and some dimensional data needed for a hard-core Hummer fan. 0 Help other customers find the most helpful reviews  Was this review helpful to you? , July 6, 1999

    Probably the definitive book on HMMWV and Hummers

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